Hong Kong Airbnbs

2017 has been a very lucky year for Native English Teachers in Korea because the Chuseok holiday gave expats the chance to travel between September 30th and October 9th. As one of the busiest traveling holidays in Korea, lots of airline prices skyrocket for this time period. It is best to start looking at and/or booking airline tickets before August for the October holiday. I was able to book a roundtrip flight from Daegu International Airport to Hong Kong International airport through T’Way Air for just under 600,000₩ in mid-July.

Just like airline tickets, you will want to check out accommodations and book some really early. Hong Kong has very competitive pricing when it comes to accommodations including name-brand hotels and Airbnbs. Airbnb is kind of a clouded issue in Hong Kong and the shortest way to explain it, is that your Airbnb location may be illegal.

          “According to the Hong Kong Hotel and Guest House Accommodation Ordinance any premise that offers sleeping accommodations for fewer than 28 days must be licensed by the office of Licensing Authority under the Home Affairs Department. This is the enforcement body responsible for carrying out ordinance violations. A spokeswoman for the Department made the announcement that they have a dedicated team in the department with the sole responsibility of searching the internet in order to locate suspected unlicensed guest houses. Violators can face fines up to HK$200,000 and possible prison sentences of up to two years. At the moment individual room renters are not being targeted. They are going after those who have multiple listings and are clearly in violation of the city ordinances.”


Don’t let me get you scared away from the idea of renting an Airbnb property in Hong Kong during your stay, though. As it states later in the article “enforcement may be successful against the largest abusers of the system, but for now they do not have the time or desire to go after individuals renting a single property, even if it is against the law to do so in Hong Kong.”

Of the two Airbnb locations I stayed at during my time in Hong Kong, one was a registered guest house and my host showed me the official documents to match her claims. Her property was also listed as one of the businesses in the building in which the Airbnb was located. My second Airbnb was more of a “you have the second room in someone’s house” kind of location, so that host could potentially run into legal issues.


Happy travels and with love,

Sydney T

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