Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine

This entry is up to date as of November 10th, 2017. If this location is permanently closed please contact the blog to update the entry.

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine is located in Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It’s sort of in a business district and shines out with its red façade apart from all of the high rise buildings. The closest subway stop is Austin Station on the West Rail Line. It is open Monday – Sunday in two shifts; 11:00 – 15:00 and 18:00 – 23:00.

This restaurant sells typical Chinese cuisine, just shaped and themed to Hello Kitty.  They have Hello Kitty steamed pork buns, friend rice, dim sum, dumplings, and so on. The atmosphere and food is very cute and inviting.

Photo credit to images borrowed from Trip Advisor users: @Dailyfeedman, @Ditta T, @Nim S, @suntrip62, @erikamix

However, when I visited this location this past October, I was not impressed. We waited for a long time to have our table cleaned and receive the complete menu. I had to reorder several times because the server kept telling me they were sold out (of popular items at 12:00), yet they would show up at tables that arrived after my party. The server would bring dishes to my table that we did not order, but a different table had ordered and vice versa (this occurred more than once). Overall, it seemed that the 2 servers were not able to keep up with the orders and were under trained in the business because across the board all of the customers spent a lot more time in this restaurant than necessary due to waiting on the servers. Our server tried to compensate my party with a free entrée but when we received our check we noticed he still charged us for the supposedly comped meal. Viewing older photos and reading older testimonials from this location, I’m under the impression that the management had recently changed or they were just having a really off day when I visited.

If you are interested in more information you can look on their Facebook page. They are located here in Hong Kong. For ease of finding more information on this location, here is the name already in Korean for you: 헬로 키티 중국 요리

Happy eating & with love,

Sydney T

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