My School Schedule (Spring 2017)

I decided to let everyone know about my schedule because I feel that it really helps show how different everyone’s experiences are in the EPIK program.

Quick Notes:

  1. I was given the freedom to pick and choose my classes. Most of my NET friends were given their schedule.
  2. I only see Grade 2 students weekly. Grade 1 and Grade 3 students I see bi-weekly. (i.e. I see Grades 1 and 2 one week, Grades 2 and 3 the following week, and so on.) That is why it looks like some days I have 2 classes meeting at the same time; I don’t. I’ll see one the first week and the other the second week.
  3. I ended up having 6 co-teachers. That’s right. Six. For one school, too.
  4. My students are tested into 2 levels: highs and lows. High-level classes have an average of 16 students, low-level classes have an average of 8 students. They are indicated on the schedule as L for low and H for high.
  5. Middle school classes last for 45 minutes. Passing time between classes is 10 minutes. My first class (if I have a first period) starts at 8:50a and if I have a seventh period it ends at 3:50p. My workday is 8:20a – 4:20p. Lunch is after fourth period (12:20p) for 50 minutes.
Period M T W R F
1 L 3-1/3-2     L 3-4  
2 L 1-3

H 3-1

H 1-2 H 1-3

L 3-5/3-6

L 2-1/2-2 H 3-2
3 H 2-3 L 2-5/2-6 L 2-3/2-4 L 1-5

L 3-3

H 1-4
4     H 2-4 L 1-1/1-2 H 1-5
5 H 2-6 L 1-4

H 3-3

H 2-2 H 2-5 H 3-6
6 H 1-1   H 3-4    
7 H 3-5 H 2-1      


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